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Chiropractic Dialogues

The Journal of Philosophy, Principles & Practice of Chiropractic

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Editor in Chief
Matthew McCoy DC, MPH
Professor - Clinical Sciences
Life University - College of Chiropractic
Marietta, Georgia Bio
Managing Editor
Pamela Stone BS, DC, FICPA

Private Practice of Chiropractic – Kennesaw, Georgia

Board Member - Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice

Adjunct Faculty - Life University College of Chiropractic

Marietta, Georgia USA

Editorial Board
 William Decken DC, LCP
 Chair - Philosophy Department - Sherman College of Chiropractic
Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
Private Practice - Spartanburg SC 
Robert Sinnott DC DPhCS
Private Practice - Frankfort, Illinois USA
Advisory Board Member—Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation
Board Member—Palmer Foundation for Chiropractic History 
 Eric Russel DC, DPhCS
 Professor - Parker University
College of Chiropractic
Texas, USA
Patrick Gentempo Jr. DC
 Chairman - Chiropractic Leadership Alliance & Creating Wellness Alliance
Mahwah, New Jersey USA
 Joseph Strauss DC, F.C.S.C 
Foundation for the Advancement of Chiropractic
Private Practice
Levittown, PA USA