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Scope of Practice
Primary Care Provider, Portal of Entry and the Disconnect in Chiropractic Education, Training and Practice
Matthew McCoy DC, MPH  
Journal of Philosophy, Principles & Practice of Chiropractic ~ January 26, 2017 ~ Pages 1-4

Background: Chiropractic trade organizations, educational institutions and the Council on Chiropractic Education describe chiropractic services as the provision of primary care. Only one recognized trade organization does not describe chiropractic in this fashion.
Objective: To briefly review the literature on chiropractic, primary care and portal of entry concepts. 
Discussion: The profession expresses confusion on whether or not it has the training, education and scope of practice to provide primary care services.
Conclusion: Chiropractic educational institutions need to clearly define what aspects of primary care they are training graduates to provide and make this clear to trade organizations and state regulatory boards in order to protect the public health.
Keywords: Chiropractic, primary care, portal of entry, scope of practice